Grandcafe Mahler Amsterdam Hutten 10
Grandcafe Mahler Amsterdam Hutten 10

Private parties

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Looking for the perfect location for your party?

At Grand Café Mahler there are countless opportunities to create an awesome and successful celebration of any occasion. Mahler is the perfect location for your party in the weekends. We will transform our restaurant into a party venue with style! Everything is possible. From a birthday party to a family or friends day and a baby shower to an anniversary party!

  • Trendy location with luxurious appearance
  • Professional en hospitable hostesses and hosts
  • Use of our equipment such as; projector, Projection Screen, TV screens and music installation
  • Multifunctional thanks to two different spaces
  • Easily accessible
  • Hutten as partner with over 85 years of experience

Only possible in weekends.

Do you want to know more? Please contact us or call 020 – 820 34 77


020 – 820 3477

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