Grandcafe Mahler Amsterdam Hutten 13
Grandcafe Mahler Amsterdam Hutten 13

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About Mahler

Mahler is a Grand Café located on de Zuidas in Amsterdam in world's most durable building: The Edge. Mahler is the place to be for your Friday afternoon drinks. With trendy concepts Mahler is the perfect place to kick off your weekend in a relaxed atmosphere.

Our menu consists of delicious lunches, dinners, drinks and bites. Our hospitable personnel is ready to present you with pure and healthy products. In a hurry? Our menu also is available for takeaway.

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Nothing beats the feeling of being full of energy. You feel fit and strong. You feel you can face any challenge. Go for it! Nutrition plays a crucial role in how you feel. Make a conscious choice. Choose fresh fruit and vegetables, home-made juices and soups, local and tasty meat, irresistible sandwiches and salads, and responsible fried bites. With fresh and healthy food, you'll feel great throughout the day.

De Guijt enjoys taking on a challenge. Because we know how to! By constantly searching. By trying things out. And yes, sometimes by failing. But never giving up. Until we succeed. And, above all, by being honest. This is why we can truthfully say that De Guijt products are always the best in their category. Without a doubt!

De Guijt, bursting with a zest for life.

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De Guijt challenges everyone to make conscious choices: at home, at work or during an evening out. You not only feel better, you also achieve better and that gives you even more energy. De Guijt is based on 4 core values: Healthy living, Caring for our planet, Animal friendly and home-made. De Guijt is not easily satisfied. What's good enough today, can be done better tomorrow. We have huge ambitions for every product: we work incredibly hard at it every day. We don't do this alone. Our team includes top chefs, who work in our own kitchen; suppliers, nutrition experts and scientific organisations. Our ambitions are focussed on reducing sugars, salts and fats; maintaining fertile soils; reducing food miles; retaining all of the vitamins and minerals in our food; vastly improved living conditions for animals. Made in our own kitchens. Transparent product origins. Honest suppliers and producers. No artificial colours and flavourings. No harmful E-numbers. And a long list of other criteria.

Getting smarter and better every day!

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